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    Originally posted by Rocky View Post

    So you'd rather I lied to him, and not tell him the truth.
    And say yeah, go to Gulh and Screw Honda.

    I rather him know the consequences of such a move.
    Yes it can be done-But at a price!.

    I chose to tell him the truth,
    It is better than to have him be ill informed and find out the hard way he was SOL after the fact.

    That said. everyone is free to do as they please.

    My policy is simple.

    I provide correct information, What people decide to do with said information is totally up to them!.
    Well Rocky I know I am new here but I also try to tell the truth. He asked a question and I gave him a truthful answer. I didn't get on a soapbox and tell him what he should do with the information. If he is old enough to afford a toy like a Goldwing I assume he is a grown man and old enough to accept the consequences for his choices. It clearly states in the Honda warranty document that modifying the motorcycle may void the factory warranty. By the way both Honda dealers here (service mgrs. who are personal friends) tell me they have no way at the dealer service level to determine if a Honda ECU has been re-flashed. They can install re-flash updates from mother Honda but they say they don't have access to the code in the computers to determine if it had been changed. Heck most Honda motorcycle dealers these days are lucky if they have competent enough techs to analyze and fix relatively common problems let alone analyze the internal software in computers. Most of these guys struggle with electrical problems, particularly on bikes as complicated as the Gold Wing. It has been some time since I have dealt with a good Honda tech who could read a electrical ladder diagram.

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    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      Pot meet Kettle- Soapbox hypocrite you are!!
      ROTFFLMAO. (Thanks for the chuckle)

    • biglefti
      biglefti commented
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      You can end this discussion now. I broke out of the speed limiter today without touching the ECM! I read an article somewhere (it's a secret) that gave a clue to a get around. So today, I went out on one of our backroads that is conducive to higher speeds and hit 116 in short order but had to back off as I was closing fast on some old guy. All I can say is nice!

    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      John, you really are clueless.
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