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  • Something new (for me) GPS

    Today I created a route to a bfst spot and return by a different path. I used two shaping points in BaseCamp and exported via Babel to the Honda system. The route came up as expected without any deviations or U turns. So I intentionally took a different route to the restaurant. (Along the return path) For all 55 miles she kept telling me to make a U turn, to return to the plotted route. At times the deviation would have added more than 25 miles to the trip. Right up to the final 1 block she wanted me to deviate 3 blocks in order to return to the plotted route. Obviously there is no recalculating in the software. Not good.

    So, I left the route in the system and when I started the bike it was still active. I then connected to CarPlay and Google Maps and started back home. The Honda route was giving me verbal commands, while the Google map was displayed. NOT what I expected. I didn’t think to set a Go Home in Google Maps in order to see if I would get verbal from both of those dames. (I tend to anthropomorphize)

    I’ve created routes using google previously and rerouting was quick and accurate. I prefer google maps at this point, but today I also got my first “Temperature. iPhone Needs to Cool Down” warning. I’m in Florida and the OAT was 90°. My 6S was in the cubby but not in the sleeve. It was in there for 50 miles. I think I’m going to mount my old Garmin 595 and use it in the future. Based on past Honda experience, I’m not confident they will ever figure out how GPS works for riders who use it.

    Just another learning experience to share.

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    I initially used the cubby to hook up an old iPhone 5 that I used as an iPod (cellular turned off) for music. After about a month I checked the phone and it was coming completely apart. The heat had expanded everything to the point that I could grab the screen and separate it from the rest of the phone. Needless to say, I no longer keep anything in the cubby that could affected by heat.

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