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  • Factory installed CB

    I purchased my 2018 Goldwing tour DCT with the factory installed CB but now that I have it I have not been able to figure out hot to use it. I have also purchased the Seneca20S EVO to use the blue tooth facilities on the Gold Wing. Any one gone this way and can suggest what else I need to do?

    Regards John Totten [email protected]

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    Try this link

    A couple of tips. If the CB is off (nothing in the upper right corner showing CB Squelch or channel) tap the CB button on the left handlebar and the CB will turn on. Once on, if you tap the CB button on the left handle bar the speakers/headset will swap. Tapping again swaps back to the headset or speakers. If you hold the CB button for about 1 to 2 seconds, the CB will turn off.

    I recommend you NOT update the firmware at this time. I have found my output on the CB is about 10% of what it was according to other riders in my group. Before the update, the output was very good.

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      It is not factory installed CB but dealer installed

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        There is no "factory installed" CB. They are all installed after delivery either by dealer or owner

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