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    What is the best way to pair these devices - bike, android phone and J&M Helmet with Headset?
    My goal is to hear music from the bike either radio or USB port, hear navigation from the bike's GPS and know when I have an incoming call.
    My initial impression to accomplish this is to pair both the phone and the helmet headset to the bike. And NOT pair the phone to the helmet headset.
    I guess making the bike the hub? Any comments appreciated.

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    I have found that plugging phone into bike then pairing works best. Sync headset to bike. Adjust headset volume to near max and adjust individual volume functions on the bike. Almost everyone has experienced problems at one time or another getting consistent sound to headset. Read the manual and experiment with different functions. There are software upgrades coming out next week for some of the issues. Search through posts on this site for useful information on operation of your new bike. Good luck, you may be in for an adventure.

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      Thanks for the useful information Paladin.

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        check out Cruiseman's video - excellent info on how to pair headsets to the bike

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