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  • 2018 Goldwing hill assist

    So I have the dreaded blinking amber light for the hill assist. I was on a nice ride into the mountains when the HIll assist light started blinking amber. Per research it has something to do with a micro switch on the controls. I have never used the hill assist feature. Contacted the dealer and will take the bike there Tuesday. Has anyone else dealt with this yet? Was replacing the hill assist microswitch solved the issue?

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    Read through this thread in its entirety.
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      I had HSA problems for the last 2 months. After sever trips to dealer I convinced them to replace the two micro switches in the clutch lever; clutch switch and cruise control cancel switch, a total of $23 in parts. Have 200 miles on bike since replacement and HSA still works. Switches may be water sensitive. After washing bike before repair I could only start bike in neutral. It would not start in gear with clutch lever pulled in. Replacement and test drive should take less than hour. Good luck.

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        Well I dropped my bike at the dealership Tuesday. Still have not heard from the dealer. I will visit them tomorrow.

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          Does this mean it is not a DCT issue? Happens on manual bikes only? Has anyone had the problem on a DCT?
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            So I got mine back from the dealer. They replaced the switch but also said the wire was loose for the switch they replaced. I was told if the light comes on again bring it right back and there Honda rep would be called in.

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