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  • Scala Rider FREECOM2 Duo

    Who purchased the Cardo Freecom2 Duo intercom? Is it working properly? How did you connect the bike? Phone or GPS mode?
    My device does not work well. Maybe I'm doing something wrong ...
    Cardo's assistance has been regrettable !!!
    Thank you

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    I have the Freecom 4 that Ive been able to get to work with carplay.

    Pair headset with bike. pair headset with phone.
    Turn off bluetooth on phone.
    Turn on bike and let it connect to headset.
    Plug in phone and car play should come up in the bike menu. can take a few seconds. every once in a while i may have to replug it in.
    Use the headset/bike speaker button on the console to toggle back and forth between the two.

    With this Im able to make/receive calls, send/receive texts, use the iphone maps and the honda navigation

    The GW old GWers wish Honda would make.

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      Thanks a lot for the help. However I have an android mobile phone (Samsung Note 4) and I am not achieving full connection, especially in the passenger's helmet (eg after receiving a phone call, does not pick up music from the bike's system ...) .

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        I think this a common problem. I have the cb radio and sometimes loose music to headset (J&M BT 04) after receiving a cb transmission . Most of the time music to headset will come back in a few minutes. I am usually listening to XM radio. Honda knows about problem and supposedly is working on fix. Report problem on the Honda's website so maybe they will put out a fix quicker, also report to dealer. 2 days after reporting on line you will get a call from Honda.

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          Okay, thank you very much for the help. So I'll wait for these changes to come out, to see if the device works ...
          Thank you one more time.

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