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  • Don't laugh....but I did!

    So I am out riding with our GW Chapter in the mountains and the GPS screen is on, and I know if I turn the joy stick knob it will zoom in or zoom out. Well it didn't work. So a few miles down the road I thought I would try it again.
    But, by mistake, I turned the ignition switch and it killed the engine.
    I am riding about 40mph in manual 5th gear.
    I'm thinking "Oh, no, what do I do?"
    So I come to a stop and the other members start to pull over.
    I realized I had turned the ignition switch instead of turning the joy stick, so I put it in neutral and started the bike and got back on the road.
    I was laughing, it was so sad!
    We all grouped up again and continued our ride.
    My question is I know how to prevent this from happening again, but can I hit the N, then start, then D, while I am doing 40mph to get the bike going again?
    Or must I come to a complete stop so I don't damage the transmission?
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    Holy Smoke... I would start by working the handlebar controls till its second nature. But you raise a good question, I would guess the DTC selects its gearing from rear tire rpms. If the bike is shut off in drive, usually it restarts in neutral, and I don't know about you but my bike makes a fairly loud clank as I engage drive and that's standing still. I would stop the bike and reassess my situation. However it would be nice to know if the bike dies while moving can you emergently restart while moving.
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