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  • My new Seth Laam seat

    Yesterday I received my Seth Laam seat back. It was a long process, but not all his fault. The Carr fire put him way behind.
    We had about a 45 minute phone conversation as to what we wanted done to the seat. He talked to me and also my wife.
    I was able to take a short test ride today. I like how it tends to hold me in the seat, not on the seat. My wife has not tested the seat yet. That will happen tomorrow. Will report back with her results.
    He was able to get rid of that weird sloping backrest. Now the rest on the seat comes up over 2 inches above my belt, giving me much support. I had him leave out the plug for the aftermarket backrest, because I will never put one on.
    The heat still works in the seat as it original did.
    I was able to pick the covering and stitch pattern for the seat.
    The cost was 539.00 plus shipping.
    Will post pics after editing them

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    • HondaNutRider
      HondaNutRider commented
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      Looks good, except my wife appreciates the lower profile without the rise for the driver's backstop for getting on and off. I must admit that after an hour she notices that this seat, compared to our previous 2003, is not as comfortable and starts to bother her. So far I haven't noticed any discomfort, although I haven't ridden for more that 1 1/2 hours. How does yours compare?

    • kc classic
      kc classic commented
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      This seat is more comfortable for my wife than the original. She could ride all day long on our 02.

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    Outstanding! He does very nice work. Anxious to hear how you like the seat after putting some miles on it. His shop is only 450 mi from my house and I'm thinking of doing a ride in to get the seat done on my trusty '04 GW. Enjoy your seat.
    Location: Vancouver WA Former name: CAWING '04 GL1800
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