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  • DCT Won't Start

    I just got back from Wing Ding Sunday night and the bike ran great. I went out this morning and I just get a low pitched click/clunk when I try to start it. I saw the previous thread about the FOB being the culprit so I tried using my secondary FOB with no luck. I turned them both off them turned the secondary one on and vice-versa with no joy. I hoping there is just something stupid I'm forgetting to do but I don't think there is. The display lights up normally and seems to reset when I hit the start button (the warning screen reappears). Any suggestions would be welcome. I'd hate to have it towed to the dealer.

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    Thanks Rocky! I went through all the steps, checked all battery connections (they had some slack in them), checked all fuses, and still won't start. I hooked up my battery tender and it is just flashing red meaning the battery is not charging. I would be surprised the battery would be bad since I just got the bike late June. I may get a new battery and see if that solves my issues. I do not want to get it towed in. Thanks again!

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      Disregard my last. I got thinking about my charging harness install and did not remember verifying if it had a fuse installed. It did not. The charger is now charging the battery. I'll post my results when it shows fully charged.

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        After tightening the battery terminals and putting a full charge on the battery, the bike is back to normal. On my 2008 I always went to the battery connections at the first sign of something goofy, I guess I'll have to get back in that mindset on the 2018. At least I know what it sounds like when the battery is too low to start the bike.

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          Originally posted by rwarmels View Post
          At least I know what it sounds like when the battery is too low to start the bike.
          Now we do as well.
          "a low pitched click/clunk when you try to start it."

          Glad to hear it worked out.

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            You say you charged the battery and it's back to normal. I may have missed it but why did the battery go dead. If you failed to find the reason why it may go dead again. Could be that pesky ole FOB, huh Rocky.
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              I have 2 tour models, red and white. The red one needed a battery at about 12,000. The white one wouldn't start one day and I figured out that where I left the key fob just inside the attached garage door was still in range of the bike. This killed the battery twice but not consistently. Distance is about 15 feet. I noticed when I came in in the dark the little white light in the switch was on. Moved the fob back about 2 feet and it went out. No more problems.

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