Cardo PackTalk Bold vs Sena 20S EVO

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  • Cardo PackTalk Bold vs Sena 20S EVO

    I have just posted a video to my YouTube channel where Don Smith and I discuss our experiences with the Sena 20S, Sena 20S EVO, Sena 30K and the PackTalk Bold.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Cardo vs Sena.jpg Views:	1 Size:	331.9 KB ID:	101697
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    Has anyone out there have a Sena SM10 connected to their wing by cable, Sena part number : SC-A0121, and then uses that to Bluetooth the onboard audio to their Sena 10c or other Sena unit?

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    Sena 20S vs Sena 20 EVO
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    Getting ready to put comms in our helmets. New wing will be here next week. Any experience with the two Sena units? The EVO is cheaper on sale so was going in that direction if there are no big reasons...
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    Having trouble getting the passengers’ Sena (10S) to pair with the bike
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    FOR SALE: Sena SMH10 complete headset and cradle. Nothing needed, just install in helmet, turn on and instant Bluetooth. $80.00 plus shipping.
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