All 2015-18 Polaris Slingshots Recalled!

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  • All 2015-18 Polaris Slingshots Recalled!

    You read that right. All 2015-18 Polaris Slingshots have been recalled due to faulty welds on seat belt anchor brackets. Seat belt brackets? On a "motorcycle"??

    Proof right there that these 3 wheel roadsters are not in fact motorcycles!!
    Defective or incomplete welds on the Polaris Slingshot's seat base or belt buckle anchoring point could cause adverse effects...
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    Just wait, the people in California will pass a law requiring seat belts on a motorcycle.
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      They are marketed as a motorcycle, as to not have to meet NHTSA Crash certifications for automobiles.........if one were to try to assign it to a particular vehicle category however think "Autocycle".

      I think driving (RIding?) one would be a blast...but I wouldn't replace my 2 wheeled motorcycle with one.

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        Interesting... and it took Texas how long to recognize the Slingshot as a motorcycle? Maybe there was some wisdom there for once.
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        • jmohme
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          As I recall, the car like seating was a major point of conention in accepting it as a motorcycle.

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        kwthom, i see you got a nice fire storm going from the guys on the "other site"
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        • Markcuda
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          At least I can go on the other site as Markcuda, you can't as rocky LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

        • Rocky
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          You can't on the other 8 sites you were banned from!
          They deserve you over there!
          Serves them right! he he he!.

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        Markcuda has been laying low but I'm just guessing that he was either booted off the forum or left under his own will.
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          The article indicated certain 2017-18 Slingshot models were affected. A friend of mine reported his 2015 Slingshot was not affected.
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