Looking for Suggestions for Riding in the Poconos

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  • Looking for Suggestions for Riding in the Poconos

    Hope to be able to get away for a long weekend Sat - Monday in mid September. While there, we will be trying to locate my wife's grandparents (sold 40 years ago) farm in Effort PA. We're more interested in scenery than destinations. We would prefer to avoid unpaved and limited access roads. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. -Coop

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    Some nice riding in North East PA. The winters are rough up there so there is no guarantee on the road conditions. Rt. 87, rt. 6, 144, are all good riding. I was on Rt 144 this past weekend, above Renovo there is construction and is a little rough, but it may be all new pavement till you get there. A lot of nice back roads I don't know the route # of in the Pocono area. Even if you don't have an exact plan you should have a great ride.

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      Thanks for the input CAC - Very much open to more ideas and info -Coop

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