Looking for a 2003-2010 in DFW area for video project

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  • Looking for a 2003-2010 in DFW area for video project

    I may be in need of a 2003-2010 Goldwing for an upcoming video shoot. The video will be for the installation of the new SoCalMotoGear Dynamic Sequential Spoiler Light. Therefore, if you are interested in donating your Goldwing for this project it must have a Honda spoiler installed.

    It will most likely take a couple of hours for me to do the install and shoot the video and I will need to do so at my home studio in Carrollton, TX. You are welcome to stay and watch the process, or you can leave the bike here and pick it up after I am finished.

    I have a couple of dealers that will loan me a bike for this project, but I thought I would it to one of our local members first.

    You will get to keep the Dynamic Sequential Spoiler Light FREE for letting me use your bike.

    Below is the video of the installation on my 2012 Goldwing:

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    How about if I send you my trunk lid and you shoot the video?

    Will that work for you?

    Its 30 right now in your area, No way i'm running by your place to see my grandson in Dallas this time of year.
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      I'm surprised that someone in your area hasn't jumped on this offer like a dog on a bone. Can't beat an offer like this.
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