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  • Pingel Electric Shifter Mile after Mile after Mile

    Way back when as I was gathering the things that I needed in order to start my journey as a Motorcyclist I found that there were two pieces of equipment available to me on the market that would allow me to shift the gears of the Bike. Pingel and Klictronic. Realizing the Pingel was made here in the USA, I decided this was what I was going with. Little did I know then what a great decision it was that I made. After almost 300,000 miles on my original shifter buttons, countless cycles of up and down shifts, and more rain than I am sure they were designed for, my "down" shifter button finally gave up the ghost while in Pigeon Forge this past week. While riding from Nashville to Pigeon Forge we ran through a bunch of rain and while I typically keep the buttons covered with my high tech cover (plastic lunch bag cut to fit), it had worn out and I failed to replace it before leaving for the trip and then of course I forgot until it was dumping buckets. Once in the parking lot, luckily, was when she retired. Well, I called my friends at Pingel and the tech department spent a good deal of time helping to diagnose the problem over the phone to the point where we determined it was the button. Once that was done, they quickly shipped out a replacement. My time was extremely limited as I had to get on the road the next day to get home, so my buddy from LOOOOOOOOOOO-zzzeeeeeeee-anna, Billy worked up a short term solution that worked great, and when I arrived home, the part was here.

    This equipment has worked well for me and the company stands behind it and is ready to help. Just another reason why I recommend Pingel to those that need help with shifting.

    I really do think this red head of mine just loves the attention she gets. LOL

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    Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
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    It good to have good friend to help out

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      Yes it is buddy.
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