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    Originally posted by Cruiseman View Post
    My homeowners insurance went up 45% last year and I have never made a claim. Insurance companies don't need an excuse to raise rates, they just need their friends in big government.
    Has the DFW area experienced numerous weather issues that increased storm damage claims in the recent year or two?

    Insurance companies have to factor in the significant increases in the cost of materials as well as the cost of labor by the various contractors required to repair storm or fire damaged homes.

    Everything the current administration has done from excessive spending, quantitative easing (printing money), to forcing healthcare costs on employers has increased the cost of labor.
    Harvey Barlow
    Crosby County, TX
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      Glad to that it all worked out for you and rather fast will have to look in Dairyland Insurance in a couple of months when my current policy is up.
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        Thank you for the excellent writeup on your incident (I learned from it) and a big sigh of relief that you're OK. Nice to hear kudos to the dealer and insurance company, too. Back on the road- ride safe and enjoy

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          Just switched to Dairyland when my Progressive policy was about to expire. Saved me @ 25% for the same coverage. Thanks Cruiseman .

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