Do You Have Experience with MotoChello Goldwing Headset?

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  • Do You Have Experience with MotoChello Goldwing Headset?

    I came across an ad in the most recent issue of WingWorld for the MotoChello Goldwing Headset and was intrigued. Have any of you purchased this product and/or have any experience with it/can give the community a review on the product? I haven’t seen anything on the forum for this particular product. Thanks in advance for your insight!

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    Like you I saw this topic on another GL forum but nobody had this product to post a report about it. If memory serves me correct this was a rather expensive setup.
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      bACK IN 2013 Banner Guy did a write up about it. After reading his write up, my big question is why would I buy a whole new system when the Wing already has a working system especially at a cost of $700+. I do see this as a possible working system on a bike that has no intercom or other type of communication. But the only thing his write up allowed was FRS radio and that is adaptable to a Wings system. As I recall they motocello system did add a phone connection but this can be added for a lot less than 700.00.

      Again, this system does sound like a good idea for a bike with no commo system but on the Wing you would be investing a lot more money for stuff that comes standard plus the Wings system does play through the speakers as well as the headset.
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        That site is worse than J&M on pricing.

        Rick if you want to stock a another option to your inventory-Then read below!!

        I found a new Sheriff in town a few years ago.

        I have had absolutely no issues with there headsets in my Scorpion IX900 flip face . I only paid $90 for a complete headset for each of our Scorpion helmets.
        The kicker is the headset came with the Lower Cord free. Unlike J&M who charges you from $70-$90 for the lower cord.

        Check out IMC's accessories. (3 pages)

        What I like about there headsets is they are modular in that I can swap parts around with J&M products as they share the same modular connectors.

        I have a riding friend try out my helmet for sound.

        We both agreed that the IMC speakers blow away the J&M hi end speakers, in fact he replaced his J&M speakers and loves the better fidelity and lower volume levels.

        I used to listen to my ipod on 22 at speed, with the J&M set up,
        With the IMC head set I only use 10-12 and even that is loud at times.

        I bought a set of extra speakers from IMC for my open face helmet. I was amazed at how much better the same J&M headset sounds after changing just the speakers.

        BTW. They also have Bluetooth. Two complete headsets for under $300.00

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          I listened to the MotoChello headsets. Sound wise, they are far superior to anything I have ever heard on ANY MC headset. Built in mute function like Mic Mutes, noise cancellation, and crystal clear clarity for all music, voice, and radio communications.

          What I personally don't like about it is that it does not integrate into factory system. So in essence you have 2 systems, whatever is factory system on the bike and the MotoChello. Which was reason I did not purchase at Reno Rendezvous last year.

          The owners are GREAT people to work with and talk to. Never heard of company Rocky speaks of but looks and sounds good!

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            Surprised they don't make a Bluetooth adapter for the Wing
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              Like the one that Ed Davis designed and built?

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                I believe Sena has one for $100.
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