Got my Thanksgiving turkey early this year

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  • Got my Thanksgiving turkey early this year

    I was riding down through the Sierra foothills early this morning on my way to the coast for lunch. As I approached the crest of a rise, there were a dozen or so turkeys on the left shoulder. Before I could do anything, two decided to cross in front of me, they took flight just before impact, the first one made it, the second I nailed square on. I hit it probably at the strongest point where the fairing meets between the headlights, and believe it or not, very little noticeable damage. A few inches in any direction would have caused a lot of damage. The bird didn't do as well.
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    Glad no damage and your good to go! I got laid back by a owl one time! Knocked me back on the seat, took my hands off the bars, what a ride!
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      Originally posted by Rick Mays View Post
      Glad no damage and your good to go! I got laid back by a owl one time! Knocked me back on the seat, took my hands off the bars, what a ride!
      i remember you mentioning that a year or so ago. however, if no pics.....well u know

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        Glad you are OK, and not too much damage was done.

        On the serious side you might want to try a couple deer whistles, they do not work for deer, but I have seen in my travels they do work well for elephants and kangaroos, I have never seen an kangaroo cross the road.

        Perhaps they will work for Turkeys. Lol.

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          My first two Goldwings, I never got close to buzzards, but this time around, I've had 3 pretty close calls. Only thing I can figure is that there not used to quiet bikes. Not quite the same as a turkey (though they are "turkey buzzards") but I suspect the possible danger is the same. I've gotten where I just lay on my horn as soon as I seem them down the road any more.
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            Couple of years ago on my R1150RT I came around a curve and two turkey hens were on the shoulder. One turned and ran away the other launched and went 20 feet over my head.
            Last year I bought my wife a BMW R650 to learn on. She was riding around the front yard and one of our own turkey hens ran in front of her. She braked, missed the turkey, dropped the bike on her ankle and we sold it (the bike). That was the end of that. The turkey is okay and had more chicks this year.

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              Glad to read there were no major damage or injuries always ducking and getting out go the way of all types of birds down here in Fl. I drive a big rig down here and there alway hitting me day and night. Just hope i never hit one on the Wing
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