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    Ok, there was a big stink over this trike on another forum, the thread eventually got closed due to some off color jokes. Anyway it went on how terrible of a rider this guy was. Is it just me or does he appear to be pulling into the pull off where the camera guy is? they are both looking that direction. It amazes me how some people can construe the facts with such limited information. below is the pic and a link to the thread.

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    Not sure.......but the look on her face tells another story.
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      Could be because we did that one year in the Black hills to get picture info from the guy
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        Sounds plausible to me. Probably pulling off the road.

        P.S. I think has had that look on her face since they pulled out of Dairy Queen
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          Waitaminnit - are you going to deny those of us that are quite up to the riding skills of DJ and YW the opportunity to say "what a dork"? No can do, we need the opportunity to do our superior dance...
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