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  • Honda F6C

    Great Utube but in French
    2001 Hot Rod Yellow GL1800A

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    Looks like a bunch of spare parts from a wing and a rune thrown together..........
    2001 Hot Rod Yellow GL1800A

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      Is that not the same bike as the new Goldwing Valkyrie?

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        looks good, I currently own a Honda CBR650R, It is a four-cylinder sports bike that makes nearly 87 PS power. I soon wish to upgrade to a litre class. The CBR650R is one of the best bikes under 10 lakhs, it looks great and it is also very fun to ride. I have made some customizations like an SC project exhaust a custom crash guards. The CBR650R offers an abundant amount of power in low and mid-range which is amazing.

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          I would venture that “Fred” may not be alive right now......

          check the dates my friends......

          "2018 DCT Pearl Stallion Brown”

          There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. ~ S.Wright

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