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  • Riding After Back Surgery

    Recently had decompression of L2 through L5. Feeling great and doing quite well. Just wondering if others have had this and how long they waited before getting back on the Wing. Would love to do the I40 to Phoenix in April!

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    The Doctor is not here. Only you and your Dr. Can determine that. I had a cervical fusion done and rode again in three months. BUT, even now I must be careful to maintain a proper neck/spine posture (no slumped shoulders) and it has been five years. I also need to exercise my neck and back for strength. My opinion only, strengthen your AB's as that will have the greatest impact on spinal strength and posture....that goes for all of us too.

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      I had two back surgeries in 8 mos. The last one was Aug. 18,2014. I had the L4,L5 disk rupture. The doctor said I could ride short trips when I felt like it after about 6 weeks so I have been doing 200 to 300 mile days since. I am still in constant pain and I don't have much strength in my left leg. If I didn't have a heel toe shifter I couldn't upshift at all. I am doing bridge exercises to try and strengthen my core and hopefully not have more surgery. I am leaving on a 5k+ tour Apr.6 if I can stay out of the hospital.LOL

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        Lee, there are several more of us on this forum that have had back surgery, of one kind or another, and continue to ride. I know that I, and another forum member named CJ, both had the same surgery, the same day last October, at the same time of day (respective to our individual time zones), yet we are almost 3000 miles apart. Both of us had a spinal laminectomy. From what I have heard from CJ, his surgery was quite successful...and mine was not. Like others above have stated, still have lots of pain, mostly in the left leg, nerve damage, etc, but...I have NO problem riding at all. While I have only ridden my big bike about 100 miles since the surgery...partly due to Wintertime weather conditions, I have no doubt at all that I could go outside today and ride it 1000 miles straight, with no back pain at all.

        That is not due to any success at all from the surgery, but due to the "perfect" ergonomics of the bike, and the way I always set my bikes up...years before any surgery consideration. The use of a RDL seat (Russell Day-Long Saddle), and a Utopia backrest, correct positioning of the handlebars, the highway footpegs, etc, allow me to ride in absolute comfort all day and night.

        In my professional opinion, the surgery was a failure, and I now wish I had not gone through with it. But the advice given above by others...to exercise the core, to strengthen the abs, etc, are all great advice.

        Sit on your bike, get comfortable, and stay there for a few hours. Read a book, play with your laptop, etc, and see how you feel. The ergonomics of the bike are very important, but ultimately it is up to you to get conditioned, and make the decision.

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          While I have not had back surgery I sometimes feel I may benefit from some.
          1- Sit up tall with no slouching and push yr butt to the rear of the seat when riding.
          2- Do the muscle strengthening exercises.
          3- Do the muscle strengthening exercises.
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            Thanks guys. Hope to do the 40 to Phoenix ride in April. While I feel that I am doing great and will be able to do it, just wanted to hear from other riders that have experienced the surgery.

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              While I opted to not have surgery, I have degenerative discs L-1 thru L-5 and S-1. I wear a brace around my lower back when riding.
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