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  • Trouble uploading pictures

    Yesterday I uploaded a couple of pictures with no problem. Today I get the message "Invalid file". Nothing changed on my end. Any body got a answer??


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    Just thought I try to upload something to see how it works.
    Hmmm, first try a no-go. Looks like you can only download smaller files. I'll have to convert my raw files.
    Try #2: Click image for larger version

Name:	Woodpile.jpg
Views:	22
Size:	206.3 KB
ID:	39914

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      Okay - so the answer to your post Rayjoe is that you probably tried to attach a file that was too large.

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        You can put pictures on using Photobucket, works great.
        Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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