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  • Scorpio Ride and Secure System

    I had a real nice Amazon gift card for Christmas and immediately ordered the Scorpio Ride and Secure System, can be purchased direct from Scorpio too.
    The Ride is what I really wanted, but the secure (alarm) was a nice fit. The installation was smooth and problem free under the saddle of my 95 GL1500.

    For those not familiar with the Ride it is a simple 3 wire installation, Batt Pos and Neg along with a switched power. Every time you go for a ride
    it tracks your every move. It has followed me perfectly since installing it.
    A phone app and a PC app allow you to review trips and send them to friends.
    It does require a $10.95 a month or there is a yearly plan with a carrier for the GPS tracking ability.
    If the bike is stolen, the GPS tracks it location in real time. if the power is cut, it has an internal battery to power it.

    This was a rambling description of the system and it has many more features, but it is really a neat product.
    For anyone wanting a real description:


    PS I am just a thrilled and enthusiastic user - no affiliation.

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    I think I have a similar system sitting in a box somewhere. I purchased this brand a couple years ago and never installed.

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