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  • Klockwerks with vent

    Does anyone have one yet? Just wondering how well it does compared to stock. i was also wondering how it handles rain.

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    Thanks Winger63. I have not heard of this shield. Do you know if it is one of those HARD shields like the F4 or the Optic Armor shields? They don't mention it on their website, so one has to figure it is probably not of the same material.
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      From the Klock Werks site

      Made from .177 hard-coated polycarbonate material

      F4 website

      The F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields are manufactured from the Highest Optical Grade Polycarbonate available to guarantee that there is "No Distortion". Our "Baked In Coating" with our proprietary "Hard Coat Process" makes the F4 shields the most chemical and scratch resistant windscreens on the market today.

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        I have one. They :gave: it to me at this years' WingDing, and asked me to try it out for the return ride back home of 2200 miles. I love it. I am usually a fan of either the Tulsa Sport, or the Clearview windshields on my Wings. But with this F6B this Flare windshield from KlockWerks is a great 'shield. It does increase fuel mileage....that is a fact. I was able to make a dire4ct comparison to the Clearview windshield I had on the bike for the 2200 mile ride out to WingDing, and then with the Flare windhsield from KlockWerks on the return 2200 miles. And increase of MORE than 10% difference in fuel mileage.

        It looks good, it keeps air off the hands, etc, etc, etc.
        Click image for larger version

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        The Black F6B is mine, a Flare windshield with NO vent. The Silver 2002 Wing belongs to the white-haired guy in the middle, with his hands on his knees, and his bike has 429,000 miles on it. His is a clear Flare windshield, with the vent. And the Yellow Wing in the back right also has a Flare windshield, with NO vent.
        The guy in the all Red shirt is Brian Klock, the owner of KlockWerks.

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          I'm 5' 9". Do you think I would look over it?

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            Originally posted by Winger63 View Post
            I'm 5' 9". Do you think I would look over it?
            My first response would be...YES. But of course it all depends on what seat you have, etc. The Flare windshield is typically lower than most windshields. Mine in fact was too low, and once I got home, I drilled lower mounting holes, so I could raise the windshield. For the F6B, he only had one height available at that time. But for the Wing, I believe he has different heights.

            It is designed to be looked OVER, and at 5'9", you should be fine.

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