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  • TPMS

    Well I have been wanting one for sometime now and not sure on which to get . Im think maybe the Pressure Pro. What kinds do you guys have and what do you think of them?

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    I've had a Doran 360M for about two years. I like it a lot.

    The monitor is a handy little waterproof cube I've mounted on a Ram ball mount attached to the clutch reservoir. It's powered by the GW's 12 volt system, no batteries to replace, and is activated when the ignition key is on. A digital display cycles between front and rear tire pressures about six or eight cycles after a button on the monitor is pressed. When a low pressure condition exists it flashes a very bright small red led light on the monitor and displays the pressure of the low tire.

    The sensors are at rest when the bike is not in motion. They "wake up" and begin transmitting after a mile or two of riding after a period of rest.

    The kit is shipped complete with two pair of sensors - two which can be installed inside the wheel on pre-2009 Goldwings and a pair that can be attached to the valve stems. The sensors are light and do not upset wheel and tire balance. If memory serves the kit includes metal 90° valve stems for motorcycles with rubber stems. I didn't use them or need them on my Goldwing.

    The kit also includes a single red led warning light that can be located in a visible location separate from the monitor such as just below the rider's line of sight. I have not installed the separate warning light seeing no need for it because I can see the monitor and it's warning light during normal riding.

    Sensors last approximately one to two years based on "on-time" which is determined by miles ridden.

    I bought mine directly from Doran and have purchased replacement sensors from Doran - $25 each. The company provides outstanding customer service. The customer service/sales rep responds promptly to all email messages and technical questions or complaints are always responded to by an engineer.

    Doran shipped me one sensor that failed quickly. I emailed them and they immediately shipped a replacement at no charge. Very responsive to their customers, imo.

    I am very impressed with the product and customer service Doran provides. I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in monitoring actual tire pressure.
    Harvey Barlow
    Crosby County, TX
    2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
    2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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      I have heard nothing but praise from those owning the Doran unit.
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        PLUS 1 on the Doran 360 I sure like mine

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          Thanks for the information. That's a nice installation video.

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            If the Doran sensors don't wake up for 1-2 miles, then I guess you can't use them to check pressure before you launch? Is this typical of all TPMS?

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            • HBarlow
              HBarlow commented
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              Yes. I only have experience with the Doran system but that is my understanding.

              The sensors shut down to reduce battery consumption when the motorcycle is parked. Motion "wakes up" the wheel sensor/transmitters when the tires roll.

              I think the OEM TPMS sensors which are standard equipment on all 2009 and newer Goldwings are the same but the display has probably been programmed to ignore them until they're transmitting again after a short period of travel.

              I don't see the wake up period as a limitation. I know that if a low pressure alarm was not displayed when I parked the GW tire pressures are still within an acceptable range when I start the next ride unless the bike has been parked for a long time or ambient temperatures have dropped significantly.

            • jmohme
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              I think that I read somewhere that there is at least on system where the sensors wake up when the display is powered on, but most wake up after the vehicle starts moving. And HBarlow is correct, the Honda sensors are this way also.

              For myself, I would rather the sensors shut down and preserve battery life. I always check with a gauge first anyway. I have never considered TPMS to be a replacement for a gauge. Besides, if I never got down to check my tires with a gauge, I would not notice the cut in the sidewall, the beginnings of a delimitation, or the nail in the tread that has not yet created a leak.

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            I have been riding with a Doran for about 5 years and have never had a problem with it. It works for me. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

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              Originally posted by MarkEHansen View Post
              If the Doran sensors don't wake up for 1-2 miles, then I guess you can't use them to check pressure before you launch? Is this typical of all TPMS?
              This unit is supposed to read its pressure and temp values as soon as you turn it on.
              Darksider #390
              Murgie's FAQ

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                I have owned/ran the Doran for 2 years. It is everything claimed. Flawless.
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                2009 Kawasaki Red Concours 14
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                  I personally do not like the idea of stem mounted sensors, but that's just my preference and that is one of the reasons why I use a Tire Watch TPMS.
                  If you don't have a problem with stem mounted sensors, Doran has a good track record, and I don't think I have ever heard of a dissatisfied Doran user.

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                    Thanks for the information.

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