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    # 5 Ohio State beat # 13 Wisconsin 59 - 0 to win the Big 10 Championship. Wisconsin had the # 2 defense in the country and Ohio State put up 59 points against them. They also had the # 1 rusher in the country and held him to 76 yards. They did this with the third string quarter back making his first start. At 12:30 we will see if the selection committee mover Ohio State up into the top 4 teams to play for the National Championship. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

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    Go BUCKS! What a game they played yesterday.

    It was great seeing old time smashmouth defense being played. What an effort stopping the nations number one running back.

    We cannot say enough about how the offense rallied as a team to support Cardale Jones in his debut. And what a debut it was. I watched Jameis Winston throw to wide open receivers against Georgia Tech and compare it to Cardale throwing strikes into coverage multiple times exploding the statistically second best defense in the country. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    If you enjoy college football, you revelled in the Big Ten Championship game yesterday. Without a doubt The Ohio State Buckeyes played their way in to the national championship playoff. Can't wait for New Years Day.

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      Blah, blah, blah, just minor league. Looks like they get to play another SEC team for a chance at a national championship. How's that worked out for them in the past?

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      • orangecrate
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        It has worked out just fine. Ohio state has won a total of 7 national championships with the latest in 2002. Urban Meyer has won 2 national championships during his coaching career. He should be able to recognize talent by now.

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      Alabama will show them what frauds they are.

      Ohio has a built in whine :"We are playing our third string QB"

      I don't remember a QB playing defence.

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        We lost the game from the beginning but Alabama will kick their butts.
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          GO BUCKS . . couple things to remember all ye naysayers: Urban was an SEC coach, he knows how to coach and beat an SEC team. And this version of the Bucks is one of the fastest on offense and defense ever seen in the Big Ten, and Urban is fast crafting a SEC type team. And no, we do not have a built in whine. Whether its the First string or Third, we are the Big 10 champs and, #4 in the Nation.
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            Urban Myer left the SEC because he couldn't take the pressure of the weekly SEC competition!! Big 10 football is considered a weak conference by all who follow college football. Not just my opinion, but most of the experts say the same thing. Just shows how over rated Wisconsin was. They had a good running back, but not much else.

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