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    I purchased my bike in the spring and now as fall is approaching I am considering putting an outlet on my bike for heated clothing for me and a passenger. I am looking at Powerlet for the adapter front and back. Can anyone provide placement ideas for the ports for rider and passenger and comments on who they went with (Powerlet or others) to provide the actual port. I should add, does the port matter to any heated clothing manufacturer or are they all standard? I have not bought any clothing yet, just looking at the port.
    I currently have the Honda outlet in my left cubby box but I am aware it is not fused enough to operate heated clothing.

    Thanks everyone for your pictures and ideas!

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    As I recall the different manufactures use different plugs. I suggest Gerbing or Powerlet and look on their websites and verify the connections. Good luck, you will love heated gear, it really extends the season!
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      As Bill said they are interchangeable, I have my powerlet connecter mounted in the panel above the air vent in front of my left knee, my wife's powerlet is mounted on the back of my backrest so it is easy for her to get to.
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        Look at exo2theheatinside.com- low amp draw-most heated gear, to my limited knowledge, use their own proprietary controllers. I ran wires to the battery an put the controller on the left glovebox lid where it's visible and reachable. I got a vest as everyone said a vest would be fine, bit I find that upper arms and shoulders are in the wind coming over the mirrors, so I always have cold arms and shoulders, leading me to think that a full jacket would be superior. The heated seats and grips do fine. I do like extending the season. I'd mount a second controller for passenger where they can reach and see it. I used Velcro, which gave up after about 6 months- 3M's "outdoor fastener" (dual lock) is far susperior (marine stores, Walmart)

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          Thanks for the comments everyone. Does anyone have pictures of their socket placements? I was thinking below the storage pocket for the passenger and in the left side pocket for me

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            As for the Heated clothing, have been a really big fan of Gerbings, since 1997.

            Last fall I had my original gloves and jacket liner from 1997 replaced for free when they developed hot spots.
            And then gerbings changed their warranty coverage. This has upset many customers, however, from what I have read, coverage of the core jacket and gloves is still for a life time, but the connections will require a small replacement charge.

            To make a long story short, the original gerbings family had to sell out due to health issues, however, they are back in business.

            I have not dealt with the new complany, but this is the same family so provided me and my family with great customer service, when I bought the original sets, jacket liner and gloves, for both me and my wife. And then their was a girl friend who had a set before I got married, but that is another story. However, all the women love their Gerbings

            As for the mounts, I just use the standard connections from the battery and route the drivers up under the front tip of the seat between the top shelter.

            For my wife, I route hers to the left grab handle and use a nylon tie to secure it to the inside of the handle and free of where I need to hold the bike when I lift it onto the centre stand.

            Last fall I picked up a First gear remote dual heat controller. Read my review in the attached link. I used Velcro to attach the control to the top of the clutch cover.

            When gerbings replaced my gloves and jacket liner, I found the new coreheat12 microliner versions pump out a ton of heat at full on. Great for driving around in the snow but just too much heat for most drives into work. I am really happy with the contoller. The actual unit which connects the to jacket is a tad bulky and takes some adjusting to get it to sit just right within the pocket of the jacket liner. However it is great to be able to adjust the gloves and jacket separately and as required.


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