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    I am looking at an older Easy Camper by Time Out. Does anyone have any experience with them and an opinion pro or con? Thanks

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    I never heard of that model.
    I sold Time Outs in 1994. Ordered one and was asked if I wanted to sell them in my area of Wisconsin. They made me a deal on the price of them so I ordered mine and 2 others.
    Sold those 2 and ordered 3 more, then 3 more and then 3 more. sold the last one that fall.
    When I wanted to do it the next year, they increased the price so I told them to forget it.
    Only problems with the older ones is that they used a pressed board for the flooring and over time, will get spongy and have to be replaced.
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      I've got one. good trailer-bad trailer. Construction, it uses chip board under aluminum siding. My trailer is stored out side covered with tarp. Strong wind ripped tarp during rain storm. Water got to the chip board. Had to strip all aluminum and replace all chip board using real plywood sealed. Gave it away to brother and it's still in use. Good. Large bed, table and enough room inside incase it's raining outside. Tent is made very well.

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        Thanks, I will look closely at the construction. The price is right but not if I will have to do major work to it.

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