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    Anyone using a TomTom Rider GPS, I know Zumo are the best by Goldwinger standards but I like the TomTom unless I get some bad feedback. Thanks

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    I guess no one has used one of these, I thought they would have been fairly popular.

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      I use a Tom Tom VIA 1605 M RV with the 6" Screen

      I also use it in my car, Truck, RV , I have a mount I made to hold it secure and it takes less than 10 seconds to remove and drop it in the tour box plugged into power.... once I get back put it own the mount and off we go..... it will run for 2 hours on just the battery. Large screen that I got a Visor for and is plenty large enough to see, as its really not made for downpours I keep a 1 Gal. zip lock bag that I tye over it if riding in the rain.... 6" is still readable.... I have never bought the Motorcycle Rated Tom Tom as its used mostly in other vehicles. And on the Toy Hauler or RV it will Warn you of low areas on your route before you drive 100 miles and can't get thru something..... Just an all around great unit......
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        I have a Tom Tom Rider 2 that I used for a while. I used it on occasion for routes and it worked just fine until I sold the bike. Still have everything but the wiring harness for hardwiring to bike if you are interested. You can probably pick up a new harness from Tom Tom.

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