HELP! Advice Needed - Helmet Cameras for Protection Against IDIOT Cagers

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  • HELP! Advice Needed - Helmet Cameras for Protection Against IDIOT Cagers

    I am completely done with cagers running stop signs only to pull out in front of me and jeopardize my existence on this planet of NARCISSISTIC PEOPLE!!!! No - I am not speeding. Yes, they look at me and then proceed; I am usually close enough to actually see their eyes.

    I am opening a thread to discuss what is the best helmet cam/bike cam for capturing these people; that continue to willfully attempt to murder me in cold blood - that's premeditated murder.

    I am about to launch a campaign against these people. I will pursue legislation and begin to file suit on these fools and turn in the footage to law enforcement. Yes, I have a hungry biker lawyer that is also ready to start the fight. I will use footage from helmet cameras to nail there butt. Enough is enough. I have yet to meet a spineless person that rides a motorcycle, yet there are many spineless cager drivers.

    Camera Advice Questions
    I have zero concern about the price of the camera. I am looking at the GO Pro Black. I need something that has very high resolution for license plate and facial recognition. I am always able to get close enough to get their license plate number and then pull alongside for the face shot of the driver.

    There are many POV cameras available but have very mixed reviews. Opinions needed on cameras you have used and or have direct knowledge of. This is a 100% General Motorcycle Discussion Thread not an OTE Thread. These cameras are more vital than all of the protective gear a rider can wear.......the entire reason I wear all of the protective gear is because of NARCISSISTIC Drivers.

    We as motorcycle riders need to unite and take this issue on. So please advise me on what camera or cameras would be best suited for these needs. We need to stop complaining about a known problem and start posting these videos on all sites and taking on these drivers that threaten our safety and existence.
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    Check Consumer Reports for a recent test- I've used a Contour Roam for years skiing and a few motorcycle rides. Note that all of these are very wide angle, which means you have to be CLOSE to them to be able to record a license plate and have it be readable. Can you mount compact camera to take stills that might be more readable in addition to your video footage. Thank you for being proactive- BE SAFE!

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      Sounds like a good plan.

      I would look at a combination of two cameras.
      The GoPro doesn't have the capacity or battery life for what you are talking about, but if you were to mount one of the many available dash cameras that have the capacity to record for longer periods at a lower resolution and have the GoPro on standby to capture drivers faces and/or plate number you would have both a wide view of the incident as it happens and a higher resolution image of the driver, and/or the license plate.

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        I think having a cam built into the front of the bike would be a good option.
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          Premeditated murder? I hardly think so. We all have it happen, but no one is doing it on purpose.If it is happening to you an abnormal amount maybe try some different lane positioning in an attempt to be seen. Still get a camera, but getting noticed will go a long way. If I'm not sure I'll sometimes weave in my lane to be sure I'm seen.

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            Might also consider setting up a camera at a location that you know where cagers frequently run stop signs. The camera can be set up inside a parked vehicle to record the vehicle and plate number using a marine battery so as not to drain the vehicle's battery, unless you can figure out another power source. Your lawyer can then take the footage to the local PD, mayor, city council, pols, etc demanding action. If the drivers (normally repeat offenders) are ultimately fined and word gets out that fines and various locations are being monitored, the incident of sign violation should drop. Heck a warning sign such as these, that the cagers are being filmed might have the desired effect. Since the cagers are violating a city ordinance or a state law, the local gov would be the complainant. And if the driver denies driving the vehicle the ticket can be issued to the vehicle's registered owner as being responsible for who drives the vehicle. Also when citations are ignored and a certain amount accrues, the registration on the vehicle can be suspended till the fines and court costs are satisfied.

            More cagers would be caught from a stationary position than random driving, especially when you can't ride the bike. Of course you can still use a helmet cam or other device that you can activate remotely to conserve battery each time you come to a stop sign.
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              Speckfisher, I have actually had them (cagers) look me right in the eye, laugh and then pull out, knowing full well I would be scrambling to avoid hitting them. I can tell you from experience if you do anything more than call the police, you will get arrested. Heck around here they can arrest you for "verbal assault" if you yell at the person.
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                Originally posted by TravelinLite View Post
                Speckfisher, I have actually had them (cagers) look me right in the eye, laugh and then pull out, knowing full well I would be scrambling to avoid hitting them. I can tell you from experience if you do anything more than call the police, you will get arrested. Heck around here they can arrest you for "verbal assault" if you yell at the person.
                I'm not sure what I'd do if someone did that to me. Probably be in jail.

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                  Following along with what CAC was getting at....what are YOU doing to get noticed? We all know there are bad cage drivers out there, and some with intent on their minds, but it all still comes down to the fact that it is OUR responsibility to make sure we get home at the end of the ride. While I am not into modulating headlights (some folks are), I do make sure that the lighting on the front...sides...and rear of my bikes are SO noticeable, that the driver would have to explain in court that he is legally blind, and that is why he didn't see me. I use different color lens', different colored bulbs, so that the drivers take notice that it is not just another white light.

                  I am not putting their bad driving on you. I am saying that we each have a responsibility to be smarter...better...wiser...and more prepared than the cage drive.

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                    Besides spending money and being real busy trying to video all of the idiots out there (not enough time in the day) all you're going to gain is self satisfaction that you're doing something positive.
                    The idiots will prevail. You just have to keep on watching and be prepared to dodge them.
                    I do hope you have success.
                    Here in Houston the idiots have a 1000 to 1 advantage in numbers.
                    Good luck!
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                      Here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area the chances a even worse, as 1 of every 4 drivers is un - licensed and here illegally so with no insurance. You will see a large absence of bike or trike riders around here because of this. Hit and runs everyday on the news or traffic stops gone wrong and a chase ensues that leads to someone else being involved in their accident usually with no insurance and a stolen car, truck, bus, semi, front-end loader and even a police car at times. Just no longer safe without being in a cage..... and that's how we go to town when we have to. If we go on a trike trip that is another reason we do not travel interstates - to much traffic, dodging tire gators, appliances, ladders, you name it we've seen it!! So we never see most of this crap, and not being IN TOWN we only get a few IDIOT drivers, but we drive very defensive, have only been run off the road once and that was mostly my fault - its very hard to kick a car door in without heading the other way.... should have seen the look on her face!!! She got out looked at her passenger door and my foot print, ran back , got in, and drove off. Me and the wife were fine but it taught me a lesson about physics... !!! Cameras are okay I guess if your in that position to need them, I just don't get in that position anymore.
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                        Here is a short video shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition, mounted to the left mirror.
                        The camera settings are 720p, Wide.
                        The city roads are a little rough, so a helmet mount would eliminate almost all of the bumps.
                        Also the camera can be set to 720p narrow, for less fisheye and more detailed picture, if you are looking for clean picture of license plates from a distance.
                        The video was shot this September when I crossed into Mexico at Nogales for great ride down the west coast of Mexico.
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                          There are just MC blind. Its not intentional. Heck, people routinely pass 35' long yellow & black school buses with red lights flashing and when I pulled them over they said they didn't see it. Ever see a car driving with a large fire truck with all its lights flashing and siren and the car doesn't pull over?

                          A lot of people are driving in there own little world and are more concern about going over their errand lists in their mind or what song is on the radio then actually thinking about driving.

                          If this happens at a regular intersection all the time, I would contact the local police and ask for a traffic enforcement officer (aka MC cop) to work the intersection. MC cops ride 8-10 hrs a day and often get cut off, pulled out on, etc. When I was a motor cop, I had at least one thing happen a week and a near wreck at least once a month. I only got hit once though and I was a motor cop for 7 years. I installed (with my own money) a set of small lights (halogen back then) on my crash bars and I noticed less issues with people seeing me.

                          You have to ride like no one sees you and ALWAYS expect them to pull out or turn in front of you....
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