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  • Slingshot

    This looks like fun!

    Most recent road test:

    Joe T.

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    I sat in one recently.and all I could say is "No officer I wasn't speeding" I likes it!.

    Life is Tough, But It's Tougher If You're Stupid: "John Wayne"

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      I have a difficult time classifying that as a motorcycle, due to the side by side seating. Personally, I think it is ugly, each their own. Some states within this country will NOT classify it as a motorcycle when it comes to registration, as each state has differing rules. Oh, I changed my is now BUTT UGLY.

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        When the time comes that I can't hold up 2 wheels, this looks like the thing for me.

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          Same here nice ride but a long way from a Bike or even a Trike.
          2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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