How about a....annual mileage contest ?

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  • How about a....annual mileage contest ?

    Given that it is still November, and there is still time to work out any kinks in the system, how about Cruiseman arrange for all of us forum members to have an Annual Mileage Contest available for us...if you dare to participate ?

    I know those southern boys like to brag about never having to put their bikes away for the Winter, and how they can ride all year long, would only make sense that they would ALL participate, and that one of the southern riders would win this

    But don't count out some of us Northern Riders, because we have to make up for time lost, so when the sun does shine for the fewer months that it does up north, we may hay while the sun shines.

    So, what say ye all...are you up for the challenge ? Maybe there could be a special prize...or two...for the winner of the Annual Mileage Contest.

    I would think that it would start on January 1st, 2015 and end on December 31st, 2015, and to enter the contest, you would need to send to Cruiseman a digital picture of your bike...showing the license plate...and a second picture that clearly shows it is the SAME bike, but now showing the odometer...showing the START mileage. At the end of the year, or...when YOU are done riding for the year, take a second picture...showing the same bike, and clearly showing the odometer, with the ENDING mileage.

    Rather than post these pics and info on the open forum, they could all be sent to Cruiseman, or...a person that volunteers to be the "accountant", as selected by Cruiseman.

    So, any interest...especially from you noisey southern boys?

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    "IBA Certified Million Mile Rider"

    30 years & a million miles, that's 33,000/year average. :D

    Congrats, you win in my book!
    Ken (IBA #50030) & Grace (IBA #62768)Tucson, AZ"Get busy living, or get busy dying." -Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption 1994ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕMy blog

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      Ken, I think you misunderstood my sig line. I have been a member of the IBA for over 30 years, but have been riding for over 44 years.

      But, what does that have to do with next years riding? I am an OLD man now, many injuries, bad back, etc., so I don't do 100K miles a year anymore.

      I think anyone...and everyone..has a good shot at this.

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      • kwthom
        kwthom commented
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        Fair enough (...and I'm playing... a bit)

        Wing riders, LD riders are the 1% of the riding population which makes it a bit of a challenge to keep up with the big dogs...

        I'll consider playing along, but I *know* what my riding has been since I've been back in the saddle (I had a 17 year layoff, but have been back riding now for nearly 8 years), and it's been a very consistent ~1000 miles/month. Most of the ~91k on my Wing are pleasure miles, and I'm not expecting that to change significantly in the next year - y'know, that dreaded four-letter word W O R K keeps getting in the way.

        I know there's a few 'big dogs' in the mileage department; I'm not one of them.


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      I'm in! Sounds like fun. I've got a 3,000 mile trip planned for January, 5,000 for May, and - 6,000 for July...... Might have to throw in a four corners for 10,000 more...

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        See....that's the spirit ! Goooooooo strotter

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          I like to keep track of my miles. There are a couple of us that banter back and forth about miles. I would enter a "mileage contest" with no plans on winning but just something to do. My daughter made me this excel sheet to help with the stats. gives us a daily, monthly and yearly average of the miles ridden.

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          • kwthom
            kwthom commented
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            Kudos to you for keeping track of those miles. I may have done this if I was OCD enough to do so, but that nearly two-decade layoff I had from riding (see above) made me rethink those priorities.

            (I have to be somewhat OCD at work; I don't have to do that in my personal life...)

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            Originally posted by CAC View Post
            Obsessive Complusive Disorder.

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              LOL, I just don't understand how logging my miles is OCD.

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                Hmmm I might consider a weak entry into this little contest sir.. I am having my russel day long done 12/31/14 So I may have to use the old go cart seat on my bike for the couple of weeks i dont have a seat on it. Plus having Dan kenney rip off those silly useless saddlebags and install some decent LD bags and move the tail trunk back about 2 inches to make room for the Aux tank from my 2012 wing.. Hmmmlets see what else,,,Oh yeah the easy leaker ,,, if you gota ask

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                  Sounds like a good idea. Even if the winner only gets bragging rights, it would still be fun to see what others do in a years time.
                  I used to average 60,000 a year,but have cut that back quite a bit so I probably wouldn't even place, but I'm ready to give it a go anyway!

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                    Some of you guys have put on some pretty crazy mileage in a year. The most I've ever done is 45,000. I'm just at about 41,000 for this season. 36 to 37 average. I'll play just to play,

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                      No way would I have a chance in competing against some of you high mileage rollers.
                      "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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                      • kwthom
                        kwthom commented
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                        That was the intent of my comments in posts 3.1 and 6.1. I know that nothing will appreciably change in my riding in 2015, so it will again be 12k to 13k for me, I'm sure. I know that doesn't beat 20k or more like some of these guys - and many who are NOT posting in this thread - have.

                        Time for a little over/under wager...what wins the contest - 30,000 miles?

                      • MMR
                        MMR commented
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                        Ken, if you are taking wagers on the over/under.....I am betting it will be over 30K for the year.
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