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  • The use of shaving cream

    The only down fall for me riding in the cold or rain is that my face shield fogs up. The shield I have now does not have a fog shield, but my next one will. But in the mean time I'll deal with what I have. I read on here or "there" about cleaning the shield with shaving cream to eliminate fogging. I tried it yesterday and it worked pretty well. I rode in about 20 degree temps and very little fogging. I hope it does as good in the rain.

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    Shaving cream , many uses , we use it in the fire dept by running a strip of it on auto glass we are about to cut with saw to lessen the small particles of glass that get airborne, will have to try it for the fogging

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      Both of these uses sound very interesting, who would have known.
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        Shaving cream. Don't put the tube stuff on your toothbrush when 1/2 asleep in the morning. It takes hours to get rid of the taste..

        Re the visor.. Have you tried the pin-lock double visor. I have it in my Nolan and it works well. Prior to that I used Lemon Pledge.
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          Baby Shampoo works great as well!
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            When I use to do hazmat we just used liquid dish soap. It worked very good also.

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              "The shield I have now does not have a fog shield, but my next one will."

              A Pinlock-equipped face shield, is to say good bye to fog, at least inside the shield, forever.
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