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    These folks are not a vendor, but I hope this is OK (I'm not affiliated with her in any way, other than I bought a pair of chaps from her)

    In a discussion about electric gear in another thread, I mentioned wearing chaps. I decided that they deserved a separate thread (things are slow anyway, so what could it hurt?)

    I've never been a fan of the "buttless chaps" that many bikers wear. Nothing against those who do, but my ... body build ... is just not well suited to them. Even if it were, I probably wouldn't be a big fan. I'm more of "utility" rider, I like to find things that suit multiple needs, and are well-suited to my style of riding, and "how I do things".

    I chose Colorado Chaps as my "legwear" about four years ago, and haven't regretted it since. These chaps are different in that they don't have a belt, instead there is a velcro strap that loops around your regular belt. That design means I can get them on (or off) in about 30 seconds.

    They are all custom fitted (you send in a set of measurements), and the fit is guaranteed. In addition, you tell them the features you want. For instance, I ordered a pair of cordura chaps, with fleece lining, "hot pipe patches" (I was still riding my VTX at the time), and reflective patches. She later called me back, and said she didn't have cordura in stock, so she would substitute the Kevlar at no extra charge (I'd recommend the Kevlar to anyone asking, it's been great!)

    I wear these in the winter to keep my legs warm, and they do a super job. I wear a heated jacket liner and heated gloves, and though my legs sometimes get a little cold in sub-freezing weather, the chaps keep me warm enough that I haven't felt a need for heated leggins. They stay in my trunk so I can use them as rain protection, and they work well for just about anything short of a heavy downpour in a storm.

    These aren't cheap, I think by the time I had all the features I wanted I paid about $140 for my pair, but I've used them regularly for well over 4 years now, and would do it again in heartbeat if the need arose. As a matter of fact, I'm seriously considering another pair with mesh backing and no fleece to use in the summer just as protection against the wind and "road debris".

    Check them out at
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    hparsons, thank you for the tip. I have seen these before, but never knew who the company was. I now have them saved as a favorite, and will be contacting them. I like that they are not leather, so that is an improvement over the chaps I used to wear 35+ years ago.


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      Hey Cruiseman, you were asking about potential sponsors?? Hows about these guys!
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        These are probably the most comfortable chaps youll ever own. The Missus got a pair several years ago and she convinced me to get a pair. Theyre great cold weather chaps and easy to get on and off. The woman who runs the show and makes the chaps is great to work with and will work with you on your needs. Colorado chaps is a real pleasure to deal with just like Cruiseman.

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          I am a very satisfied customer of theirs. Absolutely recommend them!

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            Those look very nice. The half chaps are something my wife has been looking for as well.
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