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  • Sponsor recommendations?

    We are looking at expanding our vendor sponsor program and are looking for suggestions for new sponsors. Do you have any company (ies) that you do business with that you would like to become sponsors of the forum?

    If you will PM me a contact name and/or email address with the company name, I will add them to our vendor mailing list. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Also, it is always helpful when you mention TheGLForum in your dealings with vendors.

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    Yes, I have a suggestion. "Gordon's Heated Clothing". This is a company recently started by Gordon Gerbing the originator of Gerbing's heated clothing. I would much rather do business now with Gordon's than Gerbing's after the way he was treated by his former company.


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      Revzilla.........Anthony is the man...........
      '12 GL1800 Level 4 & '08 FLHX Darksider #1378

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        Cruiseman, here you [email protected]

        The owner is Brian Klock.

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          Motorcycle Gear Formerly New Enough. I believe they are located in Texas close to your backdoor. I've done business with them for a number of years.
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