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    Some may find this link useful. It covers all types of bulbs, not just bulbs used in motorcycles.

    I also found this:

    Wayne Saunders once wrote……
    As an FYI to anyone interested here is some details on light bulbs. I was looking for this info myself and got little from this site. So with a little help from the 2001-2005 GL1800 service manual and the Honda parts fiche I came up with the following.

    With the exception of the dash area, which I will explore later I found there is only 3 different light bulbs for the main bike lighting.

    1. Headlights: All 4 are the same
    Honda # 34901-MAT-611 or local purchase H7 Halogen

    2. License plate:
    Honda # 33301-SA0-741 or local purchase W5W Miniature

    3. Front turn signals, Rear turn signals and Rear running/brake lights, for a total of 10, all take the same bulb.
    Honda # 34906-MBB-611 or local purchase 7443 Dual filament

    I found all of these bulbs at Wally World.

    PS: 2006 & newer MAY have different bulbs in the rear of the bike.

    And thanks to Mick, you can add this to your list of lamps.

    Honda part # 39111-mca-671, this is the part number for the radio button lamps. No you won't find these at Walmart.
    Projector bulbs and Specialty lamps at a discount! HUGE INVENTORY available. Mostly NOS (new old stock) lamp bulb light film slide overhead enlarger 8mm 16mm 35mm exciter medical industrial photo
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    Great info. Thx for posting.

    Any info on equivalent LED bulbs that fit and work?
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      Nice stuff thanks for posting.
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        Originally posted by azsandrider View Post
        Great info. Thx for posting.

        Any info on equivalent LED bulbs that fit and work?
        One of the board sponsors has some LED's at the following link...

        Custom Plug N Play HID and LED High Definition lighting for Harley and Honda Motorcycles. Advanced LED solutions for motorcycles and power sport vehicles.

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