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  • Fog light Issue!

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ID:	30712 Fog Light issue!
    My 2014 GL has bad gaps between my valve covers and my lower cowl. I have done everything I can think of to make the cowl fit right.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have thought about smaller spacers or trying to cut the bracket down that the led lites fit to.
    The part # is Led fog lamp 08V70-MCA-S40 Both sides are out of true fit.

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    That BAD gap is OEM. I expect we all freak out a bit after the first time we reinstall the lower cowl.
    If you have a stock GW close by, perhaps at the dealer, you can confirm if your gap is within factory design specifications.
    My assumption is that if you got the cowl back on, the gap it's very close to what it was when it left the factory.

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      The Gap is way out from stock fit, but I cant find what is holding the cowl off?

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        Recon, can you take much better pictures of the lower cowling, and how it fitsd to the valve covers ? The one picture I can see of yours, doesn't really show me much about the lack of fit.

        Are you saying that the Fog Lights you installed are Honda...fog light? . Your attachments did not come through very well.

        I know that different fog lights will affect the fitment of the lower cowl, and sometimes you need to leave the backing plate off.

        More info would be helpful, for us to help you.

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          Exactly... what are we talking about... fog lights or cowl... and what is that picture supposed to show?
          George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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            If you were able to get all of the screws back in then your cowl is installed correctly. There is no way you could get all screws in if it's out of alignment. I suspect you just didn't notice the gap there previously.
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              I have to agree with what glarson3 said above, as I was thinking the same thing early this morning. While a couple of the screws will align, and go in if the cowling is not aligned right, the majority of those screws, and especially the two black push-pins...will not go in place, if the cowling is out of alignment.

              BUT......I have seen some foglights/aux. driving lights that will hit the heads of the engine, and make you have to push the lower cowling in real hard, to try to get it aligned. I sent those aux. driving lights back to the manufacturer, and they gave me all my money back.

              Since I believe you say you are using Honda Fog Lights, that is probably not the issue.

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                Thanks for the replies. it just bugs the heck out of me when something doesn't fit right!

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                  Here is pics of mine, left and right, for your reference
                  Click image for larger version

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ID:	30847 .
                  2010 GL1800ADA (CDN eh!)
                  DS 1126
                  15 Tiger 800 XCX
                  14 WR250R
                  95 FLSTC Sold to a nice family.

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                    Thank you for the Pictures! Looks like we have the same fit. I feel somewhat better now!

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