Skyline Drive and Heated Clothing

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  • Skyline Drive and Heated Clothing

    Came down for a long weekend to do Skyline Drive in Virginia. We had a beautiful ride today down the drive and head back home (to CT) tomorrow. Low temp during today's ride was 39, later high 40's. I have a heated vest from, a very efficient heating system, but I'd rather have a jacket as my arms don't stay as warm as I like, but I was OK. I have heated gloves from Warm Gear that I use for skiing also. The 'Wing's heated seat and grips are great, of course. The F4 windshield (+4) and the Baker Air Wings (all of them) really help, too. Our Cardo Scala intercoms even behaved themselves. Saw about a dozen other bikes- all waved except two chopper riders, which was strange because my friend on his Harley Road King was in front of me at the time. Met a guy on a Yamaha FJR 1300 from NH who is beginning a 6 month US tour, camping out as much as possible. Best wishes to him, and yes, we were green with envy. That's all for now.
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