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    I am posting this here, because this is thee most read forum on the GL Forums, and....it "does" have to do with motorcycles.

    Folks, there is a very serious weather front coming your way, if you live anywhere...other than Oregon and California. The Superstorm Nori that is currently smashing the western islands of Alaska...with 45 foot waves, and more than 100 mph winds, is said to be stronger than Superstorm Sandy that hit the upper East coast.

    This is a very serious storm, and I am asking all of you, take warning that this storm will affect YOU....as far south as Texas and Florida, as far east as Maine, and as far north as the upper plains of Canada.

    They are expecting this Superstorm to cause a major cold front that will cause temps to drop...30 to 40 degrees lower than normal...for the next week.

    Please, check out the weather channel...look into this storm, as it is very serious. If you are riding in 60 degree weather today, expect it to drop to 30 degrees over the next several days.

    Do all your home prep NOW, before it is too late. Just trying to be helpful here. With all my years and miles of riding...I pay very careful attention to the weather.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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      Thanks MMR.
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