There sure are a lot of 1500''s out east

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  • There sure are a lot of 1500''s out east

    I was traveling (In my truck ) from Pennsylvania on I--70 towards Ohio yesterday and there were quite a few bikes on the interstate. Your usual large number of Harleys, but quite a few Goldwings too.
    Of the Wings, most of them were 1500's. A lot higher number than I usually see back in Texas anyway.
    I did see one red 1800 on a flatbed wrecker too. It looked like a it probably had rear flat.

    Anyway, it was nice seeing all those clean older 1500's on the road.

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    I sure miss the ride of my '99 1500 BUT I sure like the performance of the 1800 especially since I triked it.

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      I have never owned a 1500, the 1800 is my first wing. Are the 1500's as reliable as the 1800. I took a 1500 for a ride years ago, it was comfortable, but I classified it as the motor home of bikes, comfortable, but kind of boaty.

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        I would say that they are at least as reliable as the 1800. I have a friend that had one with over 250,000 miles on it when he sold it and the new owner is still riding it.

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          Just returned from a trip to Canada- met a guy at a rest stop in Maine with a '78 1200 he bought new- 150,000 on it still going strong

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