Snowing in NE Michigan

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  • Snowing in NE Michigan

    Dang, looks like the riding season here is coming to a close as it is snowing as I type. Not sticking yet, but that might change tonight. Time to put the Big Girl away for the winter. Going to be a long few months.
    Recently moved to TN my native state, Feels good to be back home.

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    Heard from a few guys about blizzard conditions up in Oscoda a few hours ago and 6-8" in the UP.... Oh Boy, here we go again!

    Screw this! Why do we even live here?

    Had an old friend that questioned why we live even above

    I'm starting to see where he was coming from. If it wasn't for our financial position....

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      Well look on the bright side. It'll keep some of the trick-or-treaters away. :D Hang in there buddy, better days are on the way.

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        It's nice to see the little ones coming around for tricks or treats. It would be a lot nicer if one could be doing this
        south of Austin, Texas. Ride safe


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          Snow here, not much, but the ground is white in places.
          It'll make for a good deer hunting season.

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            Speaking of snow, someone that shall remain nameless (SSNCOB, that's not a name it's a profession), sent me a picture accusing me of sending him some ill will in his retirement. I quickly sent him a picture of my backyard showing that, clearly, the offensive white stuff did not come from me. :p

            Your more than welcome to return North, in fact, I'll make it easy for you and swap houses, even up.
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            "The worst of all fears is the fear of living", Theodore Roosevelt

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              we had snow last night (just a dusting) in north west CT and in our place in Hiddenite, NC .. go figure.
              Watertown, CT .. Hiddenite, NC

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                All I can say is so far nothing in NJ and I hope it stays that way we have enough things going on in this state and we don't need any snow to think about.

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                  Originally posted by big bill View Post
                  All I can say is so far nothing in NJ and I hope it stays that way we have enough things going on in this state and we don't need any snow to think about.
                  Sshhh, don't remind anyone we haven't had snow yet.

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                    What is this thing called "snow" that you folks talk about? Actually lived in northern NJ as a kid and shoveled my fair share of it and don't miss it one bit. I could say I feel your pain but I would go to hell for lying.
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