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  • It got cold today...

    Well i did what I do every day, went out to the garage, opened the garage door, put my jacket on, helmet on, started the bike and rode to work at 6:30. I was cool but not cold. 2 hours later i went outside and it was COLD!! 4 hours later there was white stuff falling from the sky. It was a cold ride home as I wore a jacket to work, not a coat. Shows it will be 31 degrees in the morning but I still think I will ride the bike because the forcast says it to be in the 60's for a high tomorrow. I LOVE MY GOLDWING!
    Mike n Rhonda
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    Hardcore... keep it goin

    I would co-miserate but a cold morning here is 60F.
    George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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      As long as the roads are clear, that's not bad. Of course I have heated gear to combat the cold. Coldest I've ever ridden is 30 degrees, and I was comfy for hours on end. It's great to get the looks from the people in their cars with their heaters blowing looking at the crazy guy on a motorcycle thinking he must be miserable. Not knowing of course you're having the time of your life, smiling ear to ear.
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        We're in the same boat! Below 32 by the weekend. It's those darn leaves that pile up that scare me. I'll ride that sucker as long as I can safely!

        Pulling out for the Keys the 20th of December for 17 days, come back for a month and head back down in February for 3-4 weeks. Man I hate Winters in Michigan!!!!

        Hope I don't run out of cash.... But that's the plan!

        Man, I used to enjoy snowmobiling, ice fishing, running rabbits, but last year the snow was ******* deep! I'll just close the shop!

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