ST 1300 crash on Hwy 1 Oklahoma

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  • ST 1300 crash on Hwy 1 Oklahoma

    We were riding the Talimena Byway on Thursday toward Mena, AR and had just pulled off on one of the scenic overlooks. As we were taking photos, an orange Goldwing and pickup truck pulled in. I went over to say hi to the rider when he told me there had been an accident. I then could see there was an injured rider in the back of the pickup. He was wanting to know the name of the scenic overlook so they could call for help. We suggested that they check the historical marker signs and that maybe there was a name on there. It never occurred to me to think that all we had to do was get our GPS position. He also had an external GPS on his Wing, so I guess he did not think of if either.

    We went on our way and about 2 miles down the highway we saw an ST 1300 in the grass off the side of the road, on the sidestand. It looked like the left side of the fairing was pretty damaged, so not sure what happened. It was not a particularly curvy or technical part of the highway. In another 2 miles, we saw a LEO in a pickup at another scenic overlook so we stopped to tell him what had happened. He took off to see if he could find them. We were also passed by another LEO hauling a** in that direction. I hope the rider is OK and don't know who the guy on the Goldwing was.
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    You did everything you could think of. Good job. Hope the rider is OK.
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