An "accessory" nobody needs!

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  • An "accessory" nobody needs!

    Watch the bottom of the screen about 12 seconds in.

    I believe I'd been over to the side of the road a lot faster than he was.
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    I don't recognize the language or the snake, not the US anyway. As for getting off, oh yea, much quicker than him for sure. I was cleaning up a storage area under my house yesterday and ran across a king snake, no problem though, let him go.
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      That would freak me out. On my recent ride I looked down while on a freeway and there was a yellow jacket sitting on my key looking at me. I have been stung in the facial area many times and I could only think of this thing coming up under my helmet and getting me. I had to pull off the highway and get rid of the thing so I could move on. This guy certainly had a good laugh about the whole situation.
      Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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        If that ever happened with my wife on the bike, she'd just jump right off. That little critter sure has a great story to tell his friends now though! LOL
        Ron - Montrose, CO
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          No Free Rides! LOL
          Mike n Rhonda
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            I for sure would have pulled over much sooner than he did...

            John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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              Originally posted by JGDJR View Post
              I for sure would have pulled over much sooner than he did...

              Me? Sooner. And screamed. Long. Loud.
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                Where did he order a color matched snake?
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                  Not enough Chrome.
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                    One of the worlds' most deadly snakes - green mamba?

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                      Thats what happens when you leave your bike out over night. Wow i hope i would handle like he did i hate snakes. :woohoo:
                      2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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                        A good excuse for wearing adult diapers when riding.
                        2012 Goldwing CSC Viper Trike
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