Waving -- You're Doing it Wrong.

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  • Waving -- You're Doing it Wrong.

    Here is the proper way...

    [B]...on a (Gold)wing and a prayer...[/B]
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    Pretty cool but, with the way bulldogs drool and fart I think I'd prefer to have Fido setting behind me.

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      Love that dog!
      alabamawing – 2007 Dark Metallic Red / Traxxion

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        That is too funny- I'd probably fall off my bike laughing if that happened to me

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          Dogs crack me up, they always look like they know exactly what they are doing.
          Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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            I couldn't get my 180# Alaskan Malamutes on my Trike :D but have taken our little Youkie Poo for a ride.
            T.A. Jens
            The Pizza Man
            1800 06 White Champion Trike
            2005 Bunkhouse Camper
            2006 Breeze Cargo Trailer
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