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  • LightMode helmet lighting

    Today I got the LightMode electroluminescent kit in the mail. I sat down and watched the video on how to do, then taped the string on- they give you string in the same length as the luminescent wire or tape. Next, I attached the battery box (only drawback- not waterproof) and began gluing the wire to the helmet. This took about a half hour since you glue as you go. Next, when I was done gluing I put batteries in and turned it on- looked OK- solid on, slow flash or very rapid flash. Took it out to the garage- compare the photos at same exposure- lights off you can't evec see the silver helmet with retroreflective tape patches because there's no light being aimed at it, but with the lights on- what a difference. Different colors are available, nut they tell you on the website which colors are the brightest. I think this is a steal for the money ($70 range) and I did leave room for the wireless taillight (not yet available) that is on Kickstart now (Cruiseman wrote about it the other day)
    Ride Safe and Enjoy

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    Do you still have the 2012 windshield garnish for sale???? please let me know if you want to sell it.

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      I have used these in the past.

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        Rocky, I agree that helps- I have retroreflective tape on rhe back and sides of my helmets-'they're silver and so is the tape, so the tape blends in. The problem is that light must strike the tape for it to reflect light and be visible. Note in my photos that the reflective tape does not show up at all as no light is striking it. The Lightmode system, lighting up, is visible in the dark. I think it will prove worth it.

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