Cooling and warming vest....

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  • Cooling and warming vest....

    Cooling and warming vest...

    Latest Ironbutt magazine did a write up on the prototype. Looks to good to be true. They are showing product at a Florida show this weekend. Somebody out that way swing by and take a first hand look and report back.

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    Looks to be an interesting concept but the info on the web site is far to vague to capture my interest.

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      Very vague. Small cooling unit in the black box? must be using r134a or some other coolant. I'm sure this is going to be very pricey.. but I could be wrong and it might be a break thru. Lord knows it would be nice to have something like this in the Arizona Desert during my 40 mile commute in 110 degree heat.
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        For the heat I just use phase change vests, but if I didn't always pull my trailer with a cooler, the vests would not be very practical.

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      The article in ironbutt mag goes into detail on how it works. They also list a price of $7-800

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        No freon It uses the same principle as the portable cooling /heating chests for your car if that id the unit that irn butt was talking about over a year ago it is being released first week of December I am on their mailing list for first group purchase

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