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  • Tailwind's accessory bar

    Any have one?
    What is your experience ?

    Where do I get a price?

    I'm planning to buy one probably the dual bar to mount a GPS
    The GL GPS "lost"us in upper Tenn.
    Had to pull out the I-Phone

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    I believe that the double bar setup will run you about $225. I'm considering this myself, only the single bar.
    2002 GL1800A Darksider #1312
    Experience is the hardest teacher because she gives the test first,
    and the lesson afterward ~ Vernon Sanders Law

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      I had one on my 2005 and absolutely loved it. Not only does it give a lot of flexibility in mounting multiple items, but it also noticeably stiffens the handlebars.
      When I got my 2010 airbag, I had to give it up though. It would have been directly in the path of the airbag.

      Here is a link to Direct Lines page on the Texelent accessory bar


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