Another road hazard!

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  • Another road hazard!

    Somebody forgot to secure their license plate!

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    I thought you were talking about that gaggle of undisciplined riders as the road hazard.
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      That is scary in thinking what that could do to the human body😱😱

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        At least they won't have a problem tracking down the owner.
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          Wow, that would have left a mark.

          I had a contractor a few car length in front of me when a 3'square of tin came flying out of his box. Thankfully we had a stiff cross wind and it blew to the right. Almost bought the farm that day.

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            Wow, that guy was lucky.
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              That is scary!


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                WOW! I can think of a lot of things I'd rather have coming at me. He's a lucky rider!
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                  That's scary to think about how that could have turned out. About 15 years ago I was riding down the Interstate in a group of Wingers and a piece of sheet metal flew off the back of a flat-bed truck and sailed right over my head. Took me a while to settle down after that happened.

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