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    Seeing the new board sponsor is Superbrace, can someone please tell me the functional benefits of a fork brace and why Superbrace? I understand the concept of it preventing your forks from flexing, but how does that translate to rideablity and handling?
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    If you notice a wandering feeling in turns, the fork brace helps to prevent that. More positive feedback from handlebar input, and a more sure-footed feeling in both slow, and fast turns. I've found that a reinforced lower triple-tree provides the same solution, but even better. Best I can suggest is to try test-riding a bike with either of the improvements and judge for yourself. I have a reinforced triple-tree, and have a superbrace sitting on the shelf. I don't feel a need for it. I've thought about putting it on to see if it makes a difference above my current setup, but have not bothered to do it yet.
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