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    I have the 12oclock labs speedoDRD speedometer calibrator on my bike and was having some problems with my speedometer not working correctly. It was intermittent.(from failing completely or to going from zero the speed I was traveling) I wrote a email to 12oclock labs and they responded the next day by phone. I explained to him what my speedometer was doing and asked if he thought was the speedo unit that was failing. He responded that the units are very reliable and that it could be in the wiring or the bike itself. After talking some more he said he would just send out a new unit and some pins for the connections as the connection were likely the problem. He got my address and said the parts would be in the mail the next day all for no charge. WOW. I was really impressed with him and his professionalism and the time he took to talk me through any other areas to look for that could be the problem. I highly recommend them.
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